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TAKHERA is a concept-based approach to work. We believe that all the 5 elements (KnowledgeHealthEducationRecreation & Arts) are required in the overall existence of an individual or an organisation. You will find references to the 5 elements that touch your thoughts, in daily life.

A few thoughts...
  • - Life is abundant, so is the capacity of your brain
  • - Smile and you will find your path towards happiness
  • - You don't need the key to success if you didn't lock it

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Identifying the need is the key. Inability to identify the need is a big lock. Ego can be a huge show stopper for progress.


An open mind paves way for options. Diligence of options gives way to reasons. Clear reasoning gives way to action.


Do things right. Implement process & procedures. Follow up and refine. Be ready for change and adapt.


No assignment is the same, however TAKHERA approaches them, with an out of box rationale working within the basic principles of consulting.

Facts, NO assumptions – We see every assignment as a challenge and approach it without any assumptions. Our recommendations are based on evidence of facts and figures. Critical Analysis – Facts and figures are analysed combined with in-depth research to arrive at an optimal solution that suits the specific dynamics of a clients organisation. Strategic foresight – Short term as well as long term goals, as result of our analysis and recommendation, help our clients take informed futuristic decisions.

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